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Ladies Day

Today is the start of the 3 day Grand National festival in Aintree and its a not all about the horse racing!

Thursday is the grand opening, I’ve never been, but it is growing in popularity. Saturday is the big race.  For some the main event is tomorrow, a day of high fashion, high shoes and high spirits. Ladies Day and I love it.

For me the preparation started months ago, looking at dresses online and in stores, hoping the weather would be dry / warm enough to forgo a brolly and a winter coat. Deciding where to eat afterwards, should we book a package with breakfast and travel included?   All the plans are in place, dress bought, hair appointment booked, eye brows tided up.  The excitement is building and I can’t wait for tomorrow. I really enjoy being all dressed up, glass of wine in hand, having a little flutter on the horses,  Everyone is in a great mood and if the sun shines, even better.

My only gripe about the whole day is the negative press it attracts, the nasty comments I’ve read on social media about the women who attend. Yes there are some sights, shoes too high, hemlines too short, but wouldn’t life would be boring if we were all the same and wore midi dresses and ballet flats?  I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s tastes, but come on let’s play nice now; lets not bitch about what some are wearing.  I just hope I don’t see a photograph of someone flashing their draws in the Liverpool Echo.

Might post a picture of me all dressed up tomorrow, I wont be flashing anything.


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