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I made it

On Friday I mentioned that there would be drinking of gin and sewing.  I did indeed sew a skirt. the skirt is the Sewaholic Hollyburn.

I cut the paper pattern out on Thursday evening and settled down to cutting out the fabric on Friday. I didn’t rush this stage, with the words of a dressmaking tutor in my head ‘spend longer on cutting than you would sewing’.  Now I must admit that I’m not fan of the cutting stages, it makes me nervous, its so final and it takes a long time.  I impatient and want to get on and sit at my machine and sew.   It was gone 11pm when I finished and there was no way I could sew successfully at that hour.  Reluctantly I left it and drank more gin.

I did the bulk of the sewing on Sunday evening listening to the Les Miserables film soundtrack. The instructions were easy to follow, the skirt construction had nothing I hadn’t already tackled in evening classes or weekend courses.  I’d also been following  mymessings sewalong so had a good idea what I was up to.  It came together easily.  I deviated from the pattern instructions and followed My Messings French seam tutorial.  This gave the inside of the skirt a lovely neat finish and one I’m very proud of. I decided to hand sew the hem and finished it last night so I could wear it today.

I will definitely make this skirt again, already I’m planning a solid colour version with a contrasting patterned pockets and maybe some piping on the waist band.

.  Image

Me, in the skirt. I’m wearing it with a navy cardigan and dark brown boots.


We gotta start somewhere

So I’m starting here, with my first blog post.

I read a load of blogs, fashion, beauty, crafting, rants and ramblings, lifestyle.   blogs have replaced my magazine buying habit.  They’re funny, relevant, inspiring and satisfy the nosy parker in me.  I’m not guaranteeing my blog will be any of that.

My plans tonight are to drink gin and sew a skirt. I’ll report back on both.  I’m confident the drinking of gin will go well, fingers crossed for the skirt.

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