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Dreams of the 6000

I’m really keen to amp up the sewing and garment making.  The plan is to make one wearable item of clothing a month and to actually wear it!

So far I’ve worn the Hollyburn skirt 2 twice and its has survived a wash without falling to shreds – result.  I’m working on another Hollyburn, which is 70% completed, zip and hem to go (I’m slow at hand sewing, the hemming will take a while).   Also, I’ve  added a lining to this one, so in my mind its akin to sewing 2 garments at once and twice the hem!  I’m hoping to have it finished by Friday so I can start the next project: New Look 6000 Swoon, what a beautiful dress.

New Look 6000

I’ve been drooling over pics  online, reading blogs of those who’ve already made it for months and dreamt about  this dress.  So much has my obsession grown I bought this from ASOS as its similar to view E.  What finally made me bump it up my make list is Scruffy badgers Polka Dot Frock Fest.  Polka Dot 6000, yes please!  I’ll need to make a toile first, which is crucial for me with dresses as my 2 previous attempts have been disastrous and 2 sizes too big! So before I cut into some gorgeous spotty fabric I’ll make a test run out of one of the bed sheets my Mum passed on to me for that very purpose.    Oh and  I need to go shopping for some gorgeous spotty fabric.


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